13 February 2018

Dredging Update

Dredging continues around Stanton's Bridge with Dredger No. 5 and both mud hoppers (NOT barges please) Weft and Warp. 

After first clearing a channel on the towpath side, we slot the hopper alongside and fill it with silt and reed mat. 

After seeing the hoppers empty and floating high in the water for a few months, they look very different when loaded. 

Here's Weft, being bow-hauled by dredger crew Chris and one of our excellent and very cooperative dry dredging drivers, Frank. 

Both hoppers were left loaded as it was unsafe to unload them with the long reach excavator, the bank they work from is so wet and slippery today. 

Bob Hallam.

"May your bilges always be dry and your anchor always hold."