18 February 2018

Summit Working Party

Today, 17 volunteers defied the weather predictions and arrived for another tree clearance session at the T&S Canal summit.

The well practiced process of removing tree growth from the slopes of the cutting quickly swung into operation with chain saws converting the larger trunks into fire wood, the smaller brash chopped up and fed to one of the well stacked bonfires.  Several log piles were created along the access road ready for collection.

At lunch, everyone enjoyed the outside meal time with tea & (carrot) cake provided by Karen.  At close of play, it was into the Inn for a well earned drink.  We were also provided with surplus roast potatoes and Yorkshire puds to polish off, which took but a little time to do given the large amount of fresh air and exercise we'd enjoyed.

As always, there are large numbers of public enjoying the towpath, one bunch, clearly a dog walking group, totalled 27 dogs and at least as many again humans!   

The road bridge was not reached on this visit, maybe a couple more working parties will achieve this goal?