04 February 2018

Official Launch of CCTrusts Garden Machinery Service

Colin Thompson of Eastern Depot Reports:

Monday 29th January 2018 saw the  official launch of the CCTrusts Garden Machinery Service, with a well placed advertisement in the Round and About magazine, reaching to 20,000 homes in the GL7 area.  In addition an article appeared in the latest edition of the TROW which many of you may have seen?

Within 3 hours of the ad' being circulated in the R & A on 29th January, we received our first 'lawn mower service' come and collect order. As of today it stands at 3 service orders. So its taking off far better than expected - the business plan forecast 1 lawn mower service per week.

Please note the following:

Garden Machinery Web Site Error

The garden machinery web site address published in the TROW was incorrect in that it takes you to the main CCT web page.

You need to connect to:


where you will find the article about the garden machinery service site linking to pricing, booking form and general info'