16 February 2018

Ham Mill update

2 days of heavy work on Monday involving emptying the bottom gabions 1 bucket at a time, firstly to fill the end gabion and then back filling behind where the concrete is going to be filled.  Re-bar was carefully wired in place to add some strength, in addition to the screw piles already in place.

Really unpleasant weather on Wednesday saw the gabions being shored up to stop the stones under the concrete from falling out.  Hard work as there is very little space to manoeuvre. 

The little digger was brought into use, along with several jacks, to move the amenity cabin to allow for a temporary tow path diversion to be made when the spill weir is installed.

The final wiring was completed to support the curved shuttering along with some very large pieces of stone.  Think everyone slept well that night.

30+ tonnes of concrete to be filled next week, should be fun.