22 March 2018

Brewery Wall

by: Ian Moodey

We had some extra SDC volunteering action today, courtesy of the Swindon head office of Nationwide Building Society. Ten intrepid souls from the IT department arrived bright and early and initially made camp in the Upper Lock Cafe at Wallbridge. However, they were unable to resist the combined temptation of the sunshine and of not one, but two, shiny orange cement mixers and they were soon in the thick of it, working their way through three tonnes of ballast and twenty bags of cement to concrete the lower ledge at Brewery Wall. 

With an hour of the day remaining we ran short of concreting materials (sadly, my fault) so we switched to pointing the stonework at the western end of the wall. 

No day is complete without a team photo and, if you're wondering about all the hands in the air, it's because they were foolish enough to follow the photographer's instructions. The photographer has made a mental note to try to get more team photos with hands in the air in future.