14 March 2018

Pat's Progress

We arrived on site this morning to find the new pipes for the sink unit had been delivered!

Today focused on a three of areas.  Firstly, the floor area in the cabin was washed and dried.   This will receive a cure rust treatment, followed by red oxide paint and then a coat of bitumen.  After this, the floor can be replaced. The area has now plenty of ventilation to allow it to fully dry out.

Secondly, all the woodwork, including the floor was washed after the coating of grease and grime was  first scraped off with a spade.  It was allowed to dry outside before being returned under cover again in the cabin.  

The seating is in good condition and will probably just need a bit more of a clean and then a coat of something.  Ideas as to what other facilities we need to construct are all the time in our thoughts.

Finally, next door in the engine room, positioning of the heat exchanger (the unit sat on top of the engine above the glove) for the hot water supply was being planned and prepared.  We will take the hot water feed off the engine and use it, not only for hot water in the sink, but also the radiators, one of which will warm each of the cabins.  The pipes will need routing through the bulkheads.  There is space to do this.