06 March 2018

Brewery Wall - update

by: Andy P.

Mondays job was to help out at the brewery wall as the HLF were passing by.
Little did we realise what we would actually be doing.  Putting a concrete top to the wall, all with the aid of a mixer and lots of shovelling and wheel barrowing. Lots of people around but they soon dwindled away to the Ham Mill site 6+1.

We cleared out the soil and rubbish from the base of the platform-discovering a concrete platform as we went along and 2 old drains.  Every bit of material was lifted 1 bucket at a time which seems to be a theme recently. It took all day and we finished just before the rain came.
Suggestions as what to do with the concrete pad would be welcome I am sure.
There is also a competition to guess the number of bucket loads we lifted to make the soil pile.