12 March 2018

Pat's Progress

It's raining outside, so look for an inside job.  Today's effort focused on stripping out the welfare cabin of all fixtures, including the floor.  In theory, no water should enter the bilges, only tea!  However, once the inspection hatch was unscrewed, a depth of rusty water was very evident.

Since it happened to be raining heavily, the route that the water had taken was there to see.  It was running off the port side gunnel and around an edge, through a small gap at the top of the bulkhead and down the wall into the bilge.  This can be sorted out quite easily.

Much of the seating will be refurbished and refitted.  The floor is quite substantial, with a little rot where the water has ingressed.  The steel base for the stove was welded in place and had to be cut out.  The design for the new hob/sink unit plus services can now proceed.

As time goes by, much is being discovered about this craft in its past life.  Today, a couple of license disks revealed the time an place of previous deployments.  We also have a 'Trade Plate' ticket from 2008.  The full story will be told when all the pieces have been slotted together.