07 March 2018

Pat's Progress - 'The ratchet has been set to tighten'

Many weeks have now been spent taking things apart, together with epic cleaning.  However, today, one small task actually put something back.  Now it can't claim to be much, but that's not important.  The gutter over the starboard cab window was missing (it had dropped off some time in the past) which also supports the protective cover for when the dredger is not in use.

All the bilges are now clean and dry and later on, it even permitted some of the deck support steel at the stern to receive a coat of paint.  It is delightful to have a clean working space to work in.

Other news.  We have received the hob/sink combo today, now resting in the hall, yet to be unpacked.  Also, tests conducted on the 'asbestos' looking heat material around the old stove have confirmed that is is not made from the 'A' word, which is great news.  The cabin strip-out can now proceed.