06 March 2018

Pat's Progress - Dredging the Dredger

We set to with the steam cleaner and the industrial vac', cleaning first, the stern bilges.  These, you may remember were in a disgusting condition with many buckets full of sludge removed, but still plenty of loose stuff and other grot lodged in the numerous nooks & crannies. 

The lance did the job and soon the slurry was flowing.  The vacuum made an equally tidy effort of leaving the surface almost dry.  With the warmth of the afternoon sun, we could at last, see the bilges drying out.

Some progress was made at the bow end, but more about that tomorrow.

Do you need a well constructed coal bunker?

For a small donation, this could be yours.  Taken out of Patricia and in fine condition, complete with original lid, it is now surplus to our requirements.