27 March 2018

Pat's Progress

Work continued in tracing the 12v wiring so we know which fuses supply what, mainly for the auxiliary components - the bilge pumps mainly! 
Vince found some "interesting" labelling, e.g. a wiper fuse is actually supplying a bilge pump! 

Since we'll have a solar panel, Vince will modify the cover of the electrical box to mount a new voltmeter and the solar charge controller. 

The batteries are currently playing yo-yo. 

Mathew continues making good progress with the heating and domestic water update.

The engineering boys are now set to make the pins for the spud leg levers, and a dry assembly was carried out to familiarise them with the geometry I point out that Andy C is doing the tecchy drawing, while Mike C is doing the tecchy measuring.

The final few parts are on order, the paint supplier for the hull paint is coming Tuesday so hopefully all required parts will be here soon. 

Bob Hallam.

"May your bilges always be dry and your anchor always hold."