22 March 2018

Tuesday - Stanton’s bridge to Bowbridge

by:Andrew Rendell

Dredger No.5 has hoppers arriving quicker than can be filled.  This stretch is now 2/5 complete width, dredged.  As can be seen one hopper that’s empty and one that’s nearly full. We’ve been trialling Weedie with Tug team volunteers helping Nick Carter hauling and pushing the hoppers with varying success.

Wednesday - clearing some high silt to make it easier for hopper movement. 
Morning, we had to work back towards and under Stanton’s bridge first to remove more silt and put in one hopper as the hoppers are nearly full each load and were skimming the silt causing difficulties.

The video shows a way of removing water from the hopper without a water pump.  This was the first trial today. If the canal was deport we’d use this method more.

Afternoon - Then we moved up towards Griffin Mill lock end to start clearing the towpath side which is too dangerous for the dry dredging team to reach.  This set new challenges. Unfortunately Weedie has had a mechanical breakdown and we are now trialling a new set up.  Our nearly passed trainee had many challenges which was all part of good experience. The Dredger was disconnected an the operation of her showed how difficult it is to manoeuvre, Ballet comes to mind.

Thanks again to Dry, Wet dredging teams and the hopper movement volunteers.