23 March 2018

Dredging - Towards Griffin Mill Lock

For a change of scenery, Andrew R moved towards Griffin Mill Lock yesterday and stated to work the silt that the dry dredging team couldn't reach. 
Bob H and Sue C carried on today, doing the silt, very compacted and VERY heavy. 

There were times when Sue C had to move TWO hoppers at the same time, one partially full, one empty. 

All was going well until a serious engine oil leak stopped us.  We found the capillary for the oil pressure gauge had fretted through and was spraying oil around. 

Fixed that (blanked off) and carried on. Loaded hopper movement was accomplished with ease using Annette2

Now we were stopped again, this time by a damaged and leaking hydraulic hose. 
After containing the small resultant spillage, the bucket was parked on the hopper deck ready for attention. 

The hose at the bottom of the picture has sheared off by means unknown. 

Bob Hallam.

"May your bilges always be dry and your anchor always hold."