05 March 2018

Pat's Progress

We're fortunate to have been offered the loan of a hot water pressure washer curtesy of Bailey Paints at Griffin Mill  http://www.baileypaints.co.uk/ for which we are very thankful.

In preparation for the wash, all the rear deck plates have been removed.  This involved flogging out the last three deck bolts with the impact driver.  The worst of the detritus has been scraped out, so the water vac's should be able to lift the remainder.

At the front end, all the heavy dirt is out and also ready for a wash.  Access is more restricted, but getting these areas clean and dry will enable us to get all the surfaces painted and get to work refitting components.

Work will commence tomorrow, all being well.  As of this afternoon, the water supply to the depot had been cut off, so hope it returns soon.