15 May 2018

A new tug!

by: Dave Irving

Work is progressing well on our new tug. We have cleared out what seemed to be a lifetime's worth of accumulated 'stuff', and all the dust and debris that goes with it. We've scraped the metal we found underneath and have started painting her. Here are a couple of before and after photos so you can see the difference.

We've also working on the external paintwork, cleaning it and starting to prime it in preparation for its final top coat. There's still a way to go, though - more on that next time. 

We've also finally removed the rudder and the old, worn, rudder bearing, and WD are manufacturing a replacement for us.

As part of the final work, Gemma will become Margaret. The change of name is in recognition of a very generous private donor – our sincere thanks to that person!

We'll provide more info as work progresses. We'd love you to join us - if you're interested, please let Dave Irving know at Dave.Irving@CotswoldCanals.com, or Myron Burak at myron@hamshill.co.uk.