09 May 2018

Pat's Progress

8 aboard today for what proved to be a hectic and most productive days work.  Just to kick things off, our PM strolled in with a list of jobs that ran onto the 2nd page.  Our main concern was to get the final coat of bitumen in the bilges and also rub down and prime the roof.
 So it was that Girl Power attacked the roofs of both cabins.  A significant dust storm developed over the craft as the loose and flaky paint departed the boat.
Whilst this was going on, the four leg hydraulic cylinders were degreased and then primed,  Also, the 2 window frames were extracted from storage and given a thorough clean, now ready to replace.
Down in the welfare cabin, work continued to plumb in the sink unit.   It is now mounted in position, with both hot & cold feeds connected.  The drain pipe fell just short of a connection, so will need replacing.

It was late in the day when the blacking of the middle and rear bilge bottoms were finally completed.  At least it can now rain and it won't prevent us from getting on with the side walls.

Up front, on the jib, corrosion was attended to and primer applied.  JCB yellow is on its way, we are told.  A locked gas bottle box has arrived and awaits fitting, together with a bundle of led lights for illuminating the cabins and engine room.

....and finally:
Hey Bob - you missed a bit!