14 May 2018

Pat's Progress

For the first time in ages, our bilges were dry!  It is a blessing that this week is forecast dry, as tomorrow, we have the shot blaster on site to do the hull (the sand arrived this morning )and then we need to get on with painting it - another story tomorrow.

For today, much was achieved.  Firstly, further work to the mounting brackets for the solar panel getting them ready to mount on the roof took place.  
Both the rear & middle bilges are now fully blacked.  There is a lot of area to cover and all manner of fiddly bits to get to.   Up front, the re-mapping of the controls for the jib has been completed, but we'll only be certain that all is right when we get chance to run the systems again.
The furniture has now been modified and reassembled back in the cabin.  It was only the sink/hob side seat that required shortening.  This area will soon be ready to decoration and installation of lighting.
Another significant job was the installation of the water tank.  The three hydraulic pipes that connect to the prop' motor had to be removed so that the tank could be slid in.  Two angle brackets have been made to support it and they are bolted to the bilge webs with a slight gradient to the water outlet end.  We have yet to couple it up and provide a filling point.  
Finally, the window surrounds around the control cabin have received purple paint in preparation of installing the windows.  The new replacement one was released from its packing and trial fitted in the port side.  It will require careful placement to ensue the best fit.  We will do this after shot blasting.

Tomorrow is a BIG day - more anon.