15 May 2018

Pat's Progress

A really BIG day for the team and  blessed with perfect weather.  At 08:30 our shot blasting man was due to arrive, which he duly did.  Screens had been erected all around the area the night before.  He set about getting his 'hosery' organised and connected; then declaring that he wanted everyone off the site before he got on with the job.  
This command was respected and we went back into the yard to pressure wash some crud off the deck plates.  The process took some three hours to complete leaving us plenty of time to set to with the paint job having first dampened down the sand on the ground around the hull.

The results of his work were fantastic, leaving the hull clean and dry, ready for the first coat of 2 pack epoxy paint.  The first layer is grey, which will be followed by black.
Our H&S brief yesterday swung into action and we donned the attire for what is quite hazardous substances.  
The paint applied well.  Extra attention was given to the front and rear of the boat to ensure that coverage was good.  In fact, we had sufficient paint to apply almost two coats to all of the hull.  We had a few problems with some brushes that decided to shed their bristles, but that was the only issue in a job that went extremely well.  Our PM was a very happy bunny.

By the end of play,  the difference was there to see and waiting for another sortie tomorrow to apply the black.  Some dust will have found its way into almost everywhere, but we've not had chance to venture into the cabins as yet.  The vacuum cleaner remains on standby.
It was interesting to inspect the PPE at the end of the day.  With people working in close proximity with the odd paint splash spinning off left & right, the value of it could instantly be appreciated.

Look out for tomorrows report....