23 May 2018

Pat's Progress

We completed the cold water system connections today and following the insertion of some water into the new tank, we had water out of the taps and I'm told, the drain.  It was very pleasing that there were no leaks from any of the plumbing joints.

The key activity of stripping off the old cabin paint continued to the point where all surfaces were prepared ready for red oxide.  This is a horrid filthy job and we're only to glad it is over.  This gave us the opportunity to clean out the bilges which still contained some dust from the shot blasting process last week and wash all the other exterior surfaces.
The front cabin bilge received a coat of red oxide.  Access is most uncomfortable and the area underneath the bundles of hydraulic hoses is inaccessible to a roller.  Rain is forecast, so we wanted all bilges to be protected.  Later in the day, all bare metal was treated with red oxide and SVCC purple applied to the roof and the starboard side of the main cabin. Inside the welfare cabin, the new wall panels were given a couple of coats of white paint.
The lads in the machine shop have been busy with the manufacture of pins and bushes which has almost concluded.  The pins are ready, just the bushes remain, they are all a standard size, apart from the non standard ones!  Extraction of one such bush, which is worn, has permitted copies to be made and they are now inserted in the boats spud leg stauntions.  The rudder flange was also welded onto the rudder shaft.
 A very satisfactory days progress, we're getting close to refitting the spud leg mechanisms.