01 May 2018

SDC Tuesday Gang

Today the Tuesday SDC team were up at Gough's Orchard once again. I've lost track of whether this is Wheelbarrowfest III or Wheelbarrowfest IV but it seems that the appetite for barrowing stuff remains undiminished.  The team worked like demons and the remaining section was soon filled with Type 1. We added a few more edge boards and then moved on to the topping ("3mm to dust", fact fans). I'm now in the happy position to be able to trump the previous "line of wheelbarrows"
Comedy moment of the day goes to the bit where I returned in the tipper with the edge board materials and was greeted by a veritable swarm of eager barrowers expecting the next load of topping material.  No camera can capture the massed faces of disappointment but just imagine a year where Christmas is cancelled and you won't be far out.  Anyhow, another section of towpath - done. 
And it's been a little while since we had a hands-in-the-air pic...