30 April 2018

Pat's Progress

With a fine day forecast, we were able to kick off with the usual pump out of the weekend's rain from the bilges.  At least it's a clean operation now and relatively quick. 

In the engine room, the first coat of white paint was applied to the walls.  The particular brand of paint used was horrible to work with in that in flaked and splashed very easily.  

Out on the roof, brackets to mount the solar panel on were fabricated from some square section steel tube.  They will bolt to the hatch cover once the cabin is painted.

In the welfare cabin, the plumbing has progressed onto the cold water system.  A trial fit of the sink/hob unit indicated that a couple of small modification were needed, nothing tricky.  Over the weekend, some mixer taps, called Edith! - from B&Q, had been sourced.  These have been mounted in a cut out section from the old sink unit taken from the original welfare container.  Some tin fettling has made quite a tidy job of it.  We hope to get it all installed on Wednesday.

Work is nearing completion on the pins and bushes for the spud leg mechanisms.  We need some JCB golden yellow paint for these and the digging jib.  The preferred scrounge method is being tried out first.  In all, a good days effort.