06 April 2018

Pat's Progress

Work on this major project, under sometimes trying circumstances and bad weather conditions, continues apace. 
The facility cabin bilge painting now boasts two coats of red oxide applied by the skilled paint brushes and rollers of John D. (The kidnapped Gill D is painting a trailer chassis green)

I have failed to get a shot of plumber Mathew J, but some of his very innovative and shiny layout can be seen here. 

We have to dismantle some hydraulic pipes under the stern deck to fit the 125 litre domestic water tank. A job maybe for Peter A when he returns from The Antipodes (soon?) 
Vince, after his lessons in conduit last week is not quite sure whether he has fabricated a shower or a cable route! 

Elsewhere in the yard, our chippies Will F, Dave W and Ray T were skimming and repairing the floorboards for the Facilities cabin and the Engineering Section with Ken K and Mike W continue making pins at some speed! 
Bob H meanwhile, removed 4 hydraulic pipes for replacement and local hydraulics firm ATH returned the repaired JCB dipper arm ram - a bit of a lumpy beast! 
Next week should see the facility cabin bilge bitumen blacked and the floor relaid and coated (with something!), the operator's cabin roof lining re-fixed and painting preparation begun in that cosy space. Heating, hot and cold water plumbing and electrical work will continue, as will the pivot pin manufacture. 

Bob Hallam.

"May your bilges always be dry and your anchor always hold."