25 April 2018

Work Boat naming today - Blunder Lock

by: Myron Burak
Tug Team Leader (Joint)

Today was the naming ceremony for the two new work punts. In honour of the
fact that Tony Jones designed them and also in recognition of his many, many
years of service in the Trust, the two boats were given names in memory of
two members of his family.  A good crowd of people attended, from Western Depot, the Dredging team The Tug team, Landing Stages and probably others.

John Newton started proceedings, welcoming all and passing on to Reg
Gregory, who expressed thanks to the considerable efforts of the volunteers
at Western Depot in the construction of the new workboats. I then gave an introduction to Tony, after which Tony gave his thanks for the honour of naming them. 

Tony's wife, Madeleine, then unveiled a plate for Jasper, quickly followed
by the plate for Stuart being unveiled by Tony's daughter, Kerry. Stuart is
named in memory of her husband who died of cancer some time ago. Jasper is
named after one of Tony's grandchildren, who died of a degenerative disease
about two years ago.  Unfortunately Jasper's mother could not attend, so
Madeleine stepped in.  Stuart's son Luke also attended, along with his son
Ethan, Tony's Great Grandchild.

Then, it was a short walk for some to Andrew Frank's house just along the
canal, where he kindly provided refreshments.