19 April 2018

Tuesday/Thursday Dredging

by: Andrew Rendell

The Dredger team is still trying to load hoppers Warp and Weft.  It often seems we take one step forward and two back.  Problems we face are rain/ snow/ ice but this week we thought we finally were making progress and the Dry Dredging team could work again.  But disaster struck again.  The long reach was out of action as it had ram to bucket issues.
They assessed the situation and decided to unload with the smaller 8 ton digger. This is restricted but enabled progress.

We have 3 new trainees starting their training, Andy, Brad and Alex, with another to start soon.

Today John and Sue worked with Andrew hard filling hoppers on one of the hottest April days.  As a reward John and Sue faced the challenge of removing rotting willow trunks that had fallen into the canal over the years.  After careful removal we arranged them on the hopper buoyancy tank and one could say it was a piece of modern art.

John is chuffed with his new found skills.

The video shows what we are discovering in the silt bed.

We are hoping there will be more volunteers willing to help with the easy task of hauling hoppers and if they are interested in getting involved in training on the Dredger operations.  The Wet and Dry Dredging teams need support to increase the pace of Dredging progress if this part of the Canal is going to be navigable.

The sun's out and the few involved are enjoying the experience.