10 April 2018

Dredging Precursors

Before we can actually remove silt from the canal, we have a number of hoops to jump through. Before applying for the required permits, we have to ensure that the silt is not hazardous. 

Today was the day we took our latest batch of samples for analysis. 
Local company Sanctus are our nominated contractor for the analysis, so Tom came along to ensure that samples were correctly taken. 
Here he is, cool boxes and sample pots at the ready.

Our experienced crew of Wookey Hole moved us as required to the sample points (11) and measured distances between the points. 
Here's Peter (on the stern!)

And ship's dog Cooper, keeping a sharp eye on technique.

While Richard (sorry Rich, no pics) strode out and marked the sampling locations, John and Bob took the silt for sampling. (Special toolmade by Western Depot) 

No nesting Swans or Coors were disturbed at The Ocean 

And finally, a sample of the sample deposition technique 

Bob Hallam.

"May your bilges always be dry and your anchor always hold."