17 April 2018

DBS Work in Progress

DBS, the hours accounting Project Code
In full, this relates to the Dredging (wet) between Bowbridge Lock to Stanton's Bridge. 

Today, Tuesday saw maintenance work in progress.  Continuous engine and hydraulic oil leaks need to be contained in the bilge, today much progress was made to empty the waste oil and water. 

About a dozen drums were filled.  While greasing the digging bits, a suspicious looking bolt was found. It should have been securing the slew ring!  A quick bit of heavy tightening the remaining bolts has hopefully avoided a complete disaster! 

Now back to action and the channel on the towpath side was deepened and widened as we wait for the dry dredging boys to have the long-reach bucket ram repaired. (It's not just us to suffer breakdowns then!) 

Next time, I'll post a few pictures of the restored section, both DBS and DSG. Guess where that is! 

Bob Hallam.

"May your bilges always be dry and your anchor always hold."