27 April 2018

DBS Continued...

Today, two of the stalwarts of the wet dredging team continued the dramatic transformation of the section of canal between Bowbridge Lock and Stanton's Bridge. 

Whilst dredging, we regularly find interesting and amusing articles. 
Today's haul included a brick built gate post

and a welly boot (Hopefully without a body on the upper end)

We have many problems with equipment failures, broken hydraulic hoses, a worn out oil burning engine and leaky hydraulics to name a few. Our dry dredging mates are with us most of the time - though usually not today!  
But we had fun pushing and pulling full mud  hoppers - without a tug - to the unloading point. 
A short personal note. As promised last time, a brief interlude and pictures.
  Personally, I can't get enough of mud shifting - it's the only job I ever wanted to volunteer for - and these pictures show the main reason why. The early morning spring sunshine (showers came later) and gorgeous fresh greenery reflected in the newly cleared water surface. 

Bob Hallam.

"May your bilges always be dry and your anchor always hold."