18 April 2018

Pat's Progress

A team of six assaulted the various jobs today on Pat.  Work continued on the electrics and water system fitting.  Discussion with the chippies as to how the interior of the welfare cabin was to be arranged and modified took place.  Many small and interesting jobs to do and great to see it coming together.

New work saw the large pile of rail ballast sections moved to a location where they could be pressure washed and the congealed grunge removed.  We hope to return these to the boat in a more compact painted form and spaced off the vessel's hull. 

At the stern end, much noise from hammering, grinding and vacuuming accompanied the days activities.  Thick rust from the top surfaces of the fuel tanks was chipped away.  That area and surrounding parts are now ready for painting - provided it stays dry.

Also down in the bilges, we cut some additional Limber Holes to permit the free movement of any water, so that the bilge pumps are more effective.  These were difficult to cut as two slots had to be ground into the webbing and then holes drilled at each end, followed by driving the unwanted piece out with a chisel and lump hammer.  The steel is very tough, quite capable of blunting drills and destroying hole cutters, as we have now discovered.  Not to mention, the access was extremely uncomfortable at times.

In the workshop, replacement pins for the spud legs were to be found in various stages of manufacture, together with new bushes which will be pressed into the various components.

Soon, we will have the hull shot blasted and epoxy coated.  The colour scheme for the cabins has been decided following what could almost be described as a formal a team meeting!