16 April 2018

Pat's Progress

Dry weather forecast, at last, so time to get those bilges dry and painted.  With covers removed and a fine drying breeze, the three exposed bilges were vacuumed dry and cleaned ready for painting on Wednesday.

Numerous other jobs progressed.  Firstly the floor was re-installed in the welfare cabin and this was later followed by a loosed re-fit of the seating and then an assessment of the sink/hob unit and its calorifier cylinder.  All this in preparation for the design of a wooden support frame and the plumbing system.

Speaking if which, more copper origami continued.  Cutting holes through the bulkhead platework has proved especially difficult due to the hardness of the steel.  Several cutters have died for the cause!

Electrics to connect the bilge pumps has commenced, not to mention a pair of shiny new red horns installed in the engine room.  

Having inspected the fuel tank last time, today a dip test with a stick coated in a stripe of a magic American tooth paste like substance for water detection in diesel was undertaken.  Please to report that no water was present.  Time to screw the plug back in.

With the windows out, the surrounds were ground flat and then painted.  The gutters were similarly treated.