25 April 2018

Pat's Progress

Exterior decorating faces some challenges when you are subjected to very heavy showers which, in no time, undo all your best efforts to keep the bilges dry.  Today was one of those days.  However, despite this, an amazing amount of work, which included painting, managed to get done.

In all today, 10 volunteers were working on Patricia's renovation at some time or other!   In the workshop, pin and bush manufacture continued apace.  The aft bilge, at end of play, sported a fully painted coat of red oxide, a major achievement given the conditions.  Some local sheet protection permitted the job to continue during the rain.

Up front, hydraulic oil, water and other bits were cleaned from the bilge with the application of much sawdust from the chippies.  Access here is very awkward to say the least.  The Spud Leg controls have been removed too in readiness for the interior decorating phase.  There are some more rust areas due to a leaky front window to attend to first though.

The middle bilge area has had much flaky rust and paint stripped off and has now almost received a complete coat of red oxide.  Keeping the rain out was simply impossible in this area

The best place to be today was in the welfare cabin.  Here, in the warm and dry, the hot water circuit that feeds the radiator and calorifier is now complete.   The cold water circuits are to follow.

Pat's name plates, together with her CRT number plates have been removed.  These will require repainting whilst not getting in the way of the painting of all the cabin(s) exterior surfaces.  In the engine room, the walls were being prepared for painting, which involved removal of some items, plus cleaning of the surfaces which will get a white finish applied.

Another fun and productive day.