23 April 2018

Pat's Progress

A team of six made great progress on many fronts today.  Following the weekend rains, only a small amount of water required sucking out.

Starting at the stern end, a compressor and air chisel attacked the very crusty rust on the fuel tanks and surrounding parts.  After a thorough clean of fallout from that operation, later, we were able to apply rust convertor and red oxide paint.  The Limber holes were dressed flat to the base.

In the engine room, the hydraulic tank was investigated.  A dip stick test of the oil revealed that there was no water in the oil, good news.  However, draining the tank produced several bucket loads of quite poor cloudy oil.  We will need to flush the system before loading with fresh

In the welfare cabin, the construction of wall panels and framing continued.  Also, plumbing for the sink/hob unit progressed well.

The bilge between the two cabins has also been de-rusted and cleaned.  By end of play, almost all of it gleamed with a shiny coat of red oxide paint.  

Another major step forward was the delivery from our local Stonehouse company, ATH Hydraulics, when the four spud leg rams and their hoses were delivered back to us following reconditioning.  Once the pins and bushes are complete, we will be able to reassemble all the leg mechanisms.