22 May 2018

SDC Monday - Network Rail Gang

by: Ian Moody

Yesterday at Bowbridge we welcomed a team from Network Rail in Swindon and they wasted no time in getting stuck into the list of tasks.  The old fence was removed and stacked for disposal.  Whoever installed that fence had a somewhat random approach to concreting in the posts. Some posts had no concrete at all whilst the one at the end had so much that I suspect it was a case of using up the rest of the mix. 

With the old fence out of the way the final section of the new post and rail fence was completed. 

Meanwhile, just along the tow path, the rest of the team were shoring up the sides of the path with hessian bags filled with a dry concrete mix. This is necessary to provide support for the edge boards we will be installing. 

Thank you Network Rail - a good day. If only I had thought to get a team photo. Oh wait... I did!