26 May 2018

Samson makes way for day-trippers

by: David M

The Landing Stages team has moved Samson up through Chestnut Lane swing bridge (a good part by man-hauling) and is now cutting back the bank by the towpath west of Lodgemore Bridge ready for the next landing stage.  We were able to avoid using a mini-digger which would have meant closing the towpath, using only spades and the clamshell grab on our hiab crane to take away the soil.  It is surprising what a clean flat cut can be made with a blunt instrument, thanks to the skills of crane drivers Chris and Maurice.

We were rudely interrupted by a skiff (aka workboat Jasper) puttering up the canal, and were happy to haul back to a spot just wide enough for narrowboats to get through.

As the bank is so steep at this landing stage site, we have prepared steel plates to be pushed in behind the open box beam piles to support the bank and the towpath.  Piling should start next week, and frames and surface topping are ready at Brimscombe Port to complete the job.