11 May 2018

Bowbridge Dredging

by: Andrew Rendell

A record of different days  this May, Dredging from Bowbridge to Stanton’s Bridge.

Harry the tiger is enjoying the warmer climate of past few days on Annette2, some passing public are a little worried on approach.

Although the long reach digger is out of action the Dry Dredging team is managing to empty the with the short reach the hoppers WARP AND WEFT.

All stop at times as a fleet of ducklings comes past several times a day for the last week. Luckily not nesting.
Now On the last 300 yards now towards Bowbridge lock and major obstacles removed from in the canal. And then back to Griffin Mill lock to remove last silt bar and then bund.
We have a couple of new trainees and have had many people asking how to become a volunteer. We’ve directed them to WEDepo to get a feel of the range of volunteers and activities.

We only now have four weeks left to leave this pound and hopefully Monday 14th the long reach Dredger back in action.