02 May 2018

Pat's Progress

Great strides were made in the engine room.  Painting of the walls and ceiling has now been completed, with a vast improvement in the light levels.  The hatch, through which the engine can pass, was removed.  Not only did this simplify painting, but greatly improved ventilation.
Elsewhere, the front cabin has had the rust removed from in front of the operator.  The surfaces here had become quite scabby due to a leaking window.  A coat of red oxide has now been applied.
More painting in the middle bilge saw the area around the pipes completed.  Installation of the cold water system progressed, with the hob/basin unit now complete and ready to fit and plumb in.

News, probably on a par with that of the HLF bid, can now reveal that the exterior colour of the cabins will be RAL4008, or put more simply - SVCC purple.