16 May 2018

Pat's Progress

The forecast had threatened rain, but fortunately, it did not veer close enough to Gloucestershire to cause us a problem.  The preparation rehearsal yesterday meant that we were far slicker in getting paint from tins to metal.
Today, it was the turn of the black stuff.  With the temperature some 10 degrees lower and no sun, the rate of curing was much slower.  All the paint we had to hand provided two more coats on top of the two applied yesterday.
Progress was good and with spare time later in the day meant that quite a number of the deck plates were given a coat of red oxide primer, addressing the bare metal shot blasted ones first.  
Tea time
Once we were happy that dust was not going to stick to the fresh paint, two vacuum cleaners spun into action to remove the fallout that had penetrated the various covers and sheets.  Fortunately, not a lot had got in.  We were most concerned about the engine room, due to the fact that the covers were blasted off the grills, but again, only a light covering was visible over the engine and other components. A pleasant surprise.

Two late jobs were firstly, the fitting of the domestic water pump in the engine room and secondly, removal of all the screens that had been erected around the site prior to shot blasting.  We were also informed that the machine shop (thanks guys) had completed a full set of pins for the spud leg mechanisms.
Our Project Manager, Bob, is heading off on holiday and leaving the team to complete the renovation of Patricia.  He generously dragged us all up the pub for a drink.  'Many thanks old boy'.  'Leave it with us'.
We're all very happy with the results and Pat is starting to look quite smart now, however, there are plenty of jobs still to do on the list.