29 November 2018

Dallying with Delilah

by: Dave Irving

Some of our boats get used for all sorts of things.  For example, our wide barge Delilah is often used as a convenient work platform, or a method of transporting building materials (she carried literally tens of tons of aggregate and chippings to surface the towpath at Ryeford).  But recently, while some of the items in her hold are ours, she's unfortunately been used by persons unknown as a rubbish skip.
Extracting this volume of these types of materials and safely disposing of them is unfortunately beyond the capabilities of the Boat Team, so we are delighted that Western Depot have offered to do the job for us.  Not unreasonably, they ask that the water in her hold is removed first.  So today, off we went with a high capacity pump to remove a foot or so of water.  Weather conditions (very wet, very windy) led to the decision to transport the pump by car rather than boat, and we were soon at work.
The result – still full of rubbish, but while it's still wet, it's no longer under water.  This should make life easier, safer and more comfortable for those cleaning her out – we thank you in advance!  (For those wondering ... yes, that is a bath!).
It's not always possible to moor boats so others can't access them, but when possible we will move Delilah to moorings that make it considerably more difficult to fill her again.