28 November 2018


by: Ian Moody

And thus it was that our three intrepid adventurers, Chris, Chris and Vince, set out on their brave mission, accompanied only by a small metal handle and a couple of hangers-on.

Objective number one: Load workboat Stuart onto the newly repaired boat trailer at the Pike Lock slipway. 

Objective number two (slightly more ambitious):  Launch workboat Stuart at the imaginary slipway at Whitminster in preparation for forthcoming WRG visits.

Objective number one was soon accomplished. The trailer performed perfectly. The rollers rolled, the winch winched and the frame stayed, erm, framey. Tick!

So off to Whitminster we went. We soon agreed upon the location of the imaginary slipway and the trailer backed up, all green with excitement.
Vince attached a rope and tried, in vain, to launch Stuart using only the power of thought.
So in the end we just pushed. Sploosh!

Workboat Stuart, ready for work.
Many thanks to everyone at the depot who worked so hard to get the trailer back in service. The boat will make a huge different to the progress we make in the coming weeks.