08 November 2018

Now for something completely different
by: Andy P.
Now that the weather has turned cold and frosty we finally have got the go ahead to start on the Ham Mill Landslip and to commence with the garden restoration and remediation.
The initial 'let us measure up', lasted over 5 hours as we cleared the undergrowth of brambles, stingers, an old broken fence, metal stakes, paving, a bridge, 2 wildlife ponds and carried out an awful lot of pruning.  We moved all the 40+pots, trees, planters, several horses and found the missing goose.  Afraid to say the otters did not survive.  The dove house and support was returned so that Will and Ray could spruce up this delicate and rather faded item-however Mrs Davies was very pleased.
At the next visit we brought the mini digger, emptied the shed, and attached a big rope, screwed in supporting wood pieces, laid slabs, as the digger gently persuaded the shed to move forward a meter or so away from its delicately balanced position.  Thank goodness it all moved and stayed in one piece. Gulp.
A mini army of little helpers arrived from the depot and somehow managed to lift and move the somewhat buried summerhouse back into daylight, on to the top of the non subsided part of the garden.
Shuttering was made for the concrete to be used to underpin the wall and fish pond which fortunately was only tilting at a reasonable angle down slope.  The fish were still happily breeding you will be pleased to note.