12 November 2018

Now for something completely different 4

by: Andy P.
Weds Nov 7th

We tried several times to make a start on clearing the bank but were driven back by the rain.  Eventually we had to have a go.  The soil behind the old fence was dug out and put behind the new fence.  A very strong and very stubborn pillar was final broken up but the disc cutter died in the process.
The old fence came down along with the collapsed wall. Lots of debris to clear out again from the bank.  The remaining fence panel was collected by depot folks and was fitted in place.  That just left the odd sized end panel to sort out but Will arrived and has a plan.  Parts of the top bank were tied back and all the loose stones moved to the bottom of the slope to help form a drainage layer.
Dino the big dog, spent all day in its kennel-sensible.  The neighbours came out to check progress and all seemed delighted, so at long last we have made progress.