09 November 2018

Now for something completely different 2

Monday Nov 5th
The very old mixer was brought back into life then promptly died, maybe forever, so the petrol cement mixer was brought into use.  All the concrete had to be manually shovelled and carried down into the sunken garden and around bushes, to the under pinning holes, but was completed in the morning.
A hired petrol post hole drilling device was put into use.  Mmmm.  Made up ground and big stones and slabs often won the battle.  A wrecking bar, along with manual digging, did manage to get down the 3 feet needed to concrete the 9 foot fence posts into place.  Then 2 of 6x1foot concrete gravel boards were fitted, before lifting the 6x4 wood fence panels, to finish off each gap. 3 completed with a host of very tired and weary folks satisfied with our progress. Duncan made progress on completing the 2 high block wall at the bottom of the slope and clearing the vegetation from the canal side. 
The summer house had been moved again to its final resting place and a recovered bird table repositioned.
Thanks to leader Bob, Duncan, Maurice, Mathew, Vic, Derrick, Andy