29 November 2018

Ham Mill

by: Andy P.

Work completed over the last week includes
Filling in with concrete, one bucket at a time, all the remaining blocks. A nice set of steps were finished from the road down to the block wall

Created a ramp to get the mini digger behind the block wall, so we could move stones beyond the big diggers reach. A broken back saver. We now have a nice flat level working surface behind the wall for moving the soil onto the slope.

Re planted the Acer tree again and made preparation for moving the shed again.
Eventually 4 of the lengths of 500mm by 6 m pipe arrived for the new overflow. Only 9 months late though. One piece was cut to size to form the spill weir discharge pipe, as well as building a bull nose brick facing ring.

A screw gate, high tensile strength karabiner was donated to Dino, the big fearsome dog, as a Christmas present.