20 November 2018

These boys and their new toy's on the canal

by: Andrew Rendell

The long awaited power grease gun, the trials and tribulations we have gone through greasing them nipples, all 26 on Dredger No.5 and now far more on Patricia.  It’s Safer, it’s quicker and makes a difficult job fun!

The day was a good one and gradually the canal is beginning to look like a canal from the Dog training house to Ryeford Lock.

The plan for Tuesday is training Dredger operators as the focus and ensuring the trainee is able to cut the correct profile using several techniques.

Wednesday we hopefully will be started at the landing stage Ryeford, to the field on the tow path side and have correct depth and profile to centre channel.

We will then work on the offside from the locks  again getting full profile and depth along all the gardens.  Patricia helping too whilst doing her trial test and procedures.

The Dry Dredging boys are profiling 3/4 width where they can reach and are very pleased they now have a working starter motor.

Tug team today are working far better learning how to handle the hoppers at “slow and steady ahead”