10 November 2018

Dredging / Garden Removal and X team Collaboration.

by: Andrew Rendell

A couple of weeks past and the east end of Ryeford pound is growing on the surface. What a difference.  Dry Dredging team started first to prepare the field and get the tow path side to 2/3rds across the canal looking better.  The wet Dredging team with Warp and Weft, Dredger no5 and Annette2 started clearing weeds from Ryeford locks to what has become known as 'The Dog Gardens- No. 47.
This week an early call to Wookey to clear shrubs, aged brambles and all manner of things saw her arrive within 45 mins.  Lengthy chain saw, strummer and rakes to hand cleared 40 metres in 2 hrs.  Then serious reed and silt bank into the bank was removed and hoppers loaded fast.  We thought no tug we thought but Margaret arrived, Weedie too arrived.

It looked so busy. 

Wednesday was a different day as all who were out.  of boat team were sent home as weather was poor, heavy rain nearly stopped the  Dry boys cancel but no! We decided to make best use of time and battle on.  Not many pedestrians as horrendous rain and cold.

3 brave soul on the boat team waited for the call from dredging site. Another experience and some discussion the Tug team tried another method.

Dredging went well but a warning, if you step off to bank west end of Dog Garden there is what looks like decaying grass cuttings but to my near miss of swimming I stood in what can only be called a cow pad of dog poo and nearly went A O T into canal. 
Now we are finding the tow path side blue clay to set width, not straight forward as path in wrong place here.
A good week and thanks to all Four teams working in such varying conditions, well done.

In amongst all this boat inspections carried out with a few faults to sort.
Trial survey also last Monday was so fascinating 3/4 hr, 4000 points a metre apart to accuracy of 2 mm depth  and 6 mm latitude accuracy has set the Dredging team a challenge to raise their skill level. 

Patricia is still not fully up to speed although sitting near Ryeford locks. Trials and modifications still needed.