05 March 2019

Ham Mill - Monday 4th March 2019

by: Andy P.

A big turn out today, Bob, Duncan, Mathew, Maurice, Richard, Jason, Kay, Steve, Andy and a visit from Ken from WD.  First job was to clear several fallen trees so we could get into the yard.   Then we set about moving the sand bag, moving the big water pump and positioning it at the water edge to drain the Ambury connection.

Steve brought batteries and a suitable device was used to start the pump as we did not trust the weakened key. Hoses connected and out went the water-brilliant bit of kit.  More sticky mud digging, disc cutting, pick axing, wrecking baring, toad rescuing and then we measured up for another piece of pipe and bend.  The BD moved back and forth to help with these jobs
 The pipe and bend were pushed into place by hand-well actually 10 hands, but it worked. Then it was lowered into place with straps helping to make it all fit.  It’s now safe to say we are round the bend.

Duncan and Kay spent time happily cleaning stones ready for the wall rebuild.

The spring weather seems to encourage tree growth as yet another one was planted on the bank, becoming more of an arboretum by the week.

A good day and making progress.