11 March 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

To be able to take the covers off and know that that the rain will stay away makes for a day of good progress.

Out in the barn, No.5's cabin ended the day with all the rotten metal replaced around the lower quarters.  The newly stitched in metal will require filling before paint is applied.  There remains the two doors to attend to on Wednesday and some remedial work to the roof.  

To be able to restore the cab has taken some time to achieve, but more importantly, cost considerably less that finding and purchasing an alternative.  At leas we know that it will fit.

Out in the yard, we unbolted the engine for a period to allow us to finally install the two fuel tanks.  They are now clean inside, piped up and ready to accept fuel.

We also took the decision to reinstate the two high pressure hydraulic oil filters.  They were taken to the workshop, stripped and cleaned before affixing in their original locations down in the hold.
Later in the day, our attention turned to the flooring in the engine room.  The basic 'landing stage' deck has now been cut, we just need to add supports to certain areas around the edges.  This will give us a clean and very grippy floor area with some of the services routed underneath. 

Late last week, John & Gill managed to apply yellow paint to about half the main boom, this work will continue soon, weather permitting.

A good days work by all.  Thank's guys.