20 March 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Sometimes, when you stir things up, good things happen.  
Not too unsurprisingly, it was paint that got the agitation treatment.  Today, we were able to apply a coat of red oxide to the cabin and then the first coat of SVCC purple, not before the numerous and randomly scattered small holes in the panels had been filled and flattened.  Suddenly, the project takes a change of gear.

There is still the detail painting around the windows to deal with and some white inside the cabin.  The doors have had their bare metal painted, but still need to be finished off.

Outside in the yard, yet more deck banging to break up paint.   It all got a bit noisier when the pneumatic weapons were deployed.  More to do before we can apply the paint.
Another job that has taken most of the day to complete, is the new hydraulic hose management system atop the boom.  The existing cylindrical piece has now been replaced with a flared rectangular one capable of taking a couple more hoses and also tilted at a more appropriate angle for the duty.
Like Monday, we spent a short time on the throttle cable termination.  This has now been completed.  Pleasingly, our hydraulics man arrived again and spent quite a while on site linking some more control circuits.

The electrical components have now arrived, so that is another sub project that can now proceed.

Good team effort, again.  Thanks to all.