25 March 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Another fine sunny day, perfect weather for a bit more painting.  The cabin is pretty well ready to go back on the hull now, something that we hope to achieve on Wednesday, perhaps.  The doors also received attention today, together with the interior of the roof, oh, and a bit of window cleaning - long overdue.
Since our working party last Wednesday, much has happened with the hydraulics plumbing.  Many of the new pipes are in place within the hull, the piping on the boom is the biggest part remaining.   
Today, the saddles for the pipe clamps were welded in place on the boom.  These will need cleaning and painting next time.  More deck scraping again, but some serious mechanisation is required if good progress is to be made.  The old paint is stuck well and very thick in many places.
The limit switch for detection of the control joystick assembly now has a mounting point, close to the release catch.  All the electrical parts are in stock, so fabrication of the new control box is next on the priority list.