13 March 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

More welding, more grinding, some filling and a bit of painting.  So the work to repair the cabin continued today.  Just the doors remain to be dealt with for their metal worm along the lower edges.

There was an air of 70's car repairing with  aroma of Isopon drifting up from the process of making good the welded panels.  
Paint has now been applied to the bare metal and much of the rest of the surfaces given a good rub down.  'Dredger No.5' has now been reduced to dust!
A leak on the port side gutter had resulted in an area of rust which required cutting out and new metal letting in.  The interior surfaces still require preparation for painting.
Out on the superstructure, laying of the floor continued with the preparation of wooden support beams.  The fuel tank cross link hoses  were trial fitted and a scheme to protect them devised. This still needs further work.

Another visit from our hydraulics man today.  Also, components for the new control panel have been ordered.  Battery leads need to be prepared and terminated.  ...….Getting there.