27 March 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Our noisy racket continued today with more of the deck getting the nail gun treatment.  Not quite half has been cleaned down now.  No paint was applied as we wanted to get the cab back in place, big boots on soft paint don't mix, so that internal fittings could now be installed and protected from the weather.
The cab is almost complete with regards painting, but certainly in a condition ready to reinstall on the boat.  A method of shifting it onto the flat bed truck was devised and the process went very well.  After its short journey out of the yard gate and across the car park, it was slid and rotated into position.  Next came the answer to the great question:  'Does it still fit?'
Well, it dropped into place perfectly and the doors hung back on their hinges.  Another important step in the progress of this refit programme. 
The hydraulics installation is making good progress and may well be complete by next week.